Sports Printer




The CT-2000 is a multi-timer compatible with athletics (tracks, roads), swimming, skiing, skating and other events requiring time measurement. You can select from 10 types of measurement time resolutions, such as rounding up to 1 second, 1/10 second, 1/100 second, and 1/1000 second, truncation, and rounding.
■ We can choose from eight modes of measurement style that is most suitable for various sports.
■ We can measure time to up to 10 courses (channel) at the same time. (* 1) Furthermore, simultaneous printing of lap time / split time is also possible.
■ As measurement data can be stored up to 3000 for each block (up to 100), the next measurement can be performed while leaving the previous data.
■ We can measure time to up to 23 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds 999. You can also set the start time to any time (hour, minute, second).
■ You can measure the average speed (* 2) of a certain section using Photo Beam Unit (PBU-2000).
■ You can also output time data to external devices such as scoreboards and PCs.
■ We can set dry cell in two sets (one set: six) body. When the remaining capacity of the first set is exhausted, the second set is automatically switched, and continuous use for a long time is possible.


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