Electric Basketball Ceiling Mounted

It is available type:

  • Folded Forward (Item Code: 100175)
  • Folded Backward (Item Code: 100176)
  • Free fall safety device (Item Code: 100177)



The ceiling mounted foldable basketball backstop is made from aluminium. The backstop consists of six parts: the top frame, the lifting arm. the support arm. the backboard, the free fall safety device and the control panel. The top frame includes the motor and all joint to the both arms. The motor powers the rotation of a shaft. On the shaft two belts are fixed. These belts lift and lower the lifting arm. The lifting arm holds the backboard and is hinged to the top frame. It is made from sturdy rectangular 80x60x3 mm aluminium profiles. The support arm enhances the stability in the playing position. In the rest position it folds to allow the backboard to be stored near the top frame. The item is available with three types of backboard. The backboard measures 180×105 cm. There are three types of backboard available: aluminium, acrylic and tempered glass. The aluminium backboard is made from special aluminium profiles. The backboard is white powder coated. The acrylic backboard is made from see through 15 mm thick acrylic. The tempered glass is made from 12 mm thick glass panel. All corners are covered for safety reasons. The basketball ceiling mounted is also equipped with a non-foldable basketball ring and net. The ring measures an inside diameter of 45 cm. The ring is galvanized and orange powder coated. The net is made from nylon and measures a thickness of 6 mm. The free fall safety device ensures that in case of any failure the structure does not fall and gets destroyed. The device is in accordance with EN 360. The control panel is equippedm with 3 buttons: Up, down and stop. This allows a comfortable control and handling of the backstop at any time. The backstop automatically stops at its end position.


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