Judo timer




Correspondence to new international rule From practice of school class and club activities to serious game.

Corresponds to the new international rules (applicable from January 2018).
❙ Public interest incorporated foundation All Japan Judo Federation official approval product.
❙ Match, equipped with seven modes convenient for training.
1 Judo 1 2 Judo 2 3 Program Timer 4 Pacemaker
5 Stopwatch 6 Timer 7 Watch
❙ Bright LED display of all 5 colors (white / orange / red / blue / green).
❙ Show player colors in 3 colors (red / white / blue).
Blink side players, blink player colors and points of the winner, to convey the situation in an easy-to-understand manner.
Match time, hold-down time, golden score time can be set arbitrarily. It can be used according to official rules and local rules.
❙Restraint time and point can be interlocked automatically (can be interlocked).


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