Portable Player Tunnel

This Product it Import from Europe. It is available another width:

  • Width 1.50 m. High 2.30 m (Item Code: 112099)
  • Width 2.00 m. High 2.30 m (Item Code: 113000)
  • Width 2.50 m. High 2.30 m (Item Code: 113010)
  • Width 3.00 m. High 2.30 m (Item Code: 113020)

Call for another width, sold per meter



Made with structure of aluminium anodized. Profile of 43 x 35 mm. For the arches, which it allows to be able to replace the cloths of canvas between arch and arch of an independent way on the part of the own client,avoiding to have to send the tunnel to factory in case of break of someone of the same ones. Set of spikes of assembly in stainless steel AISI 304. Movement of opening and closing by means of scissors of aluminium of 50 x 13.5 mm.; The heads of draft are of alloy of aluminium of smelting. 4 tension points extra to fix and to stretch the canvas (only one on the market) Skates of slide of the scissors in POLIZENE 500 that allow minimizing the rubbing in 60 %, which minimizes the work in the task of extension and withdrawal of the tunnel. Canvas in fabric of polyester of high tenacity, covered with PVC for both faces. Fireproof M-2 of 620 grs. Colour of the canvas to choose.


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