AFN multi court

Multiplaycourt, Dimension 30 x 10 m. Included Self support panels mad by Aluminium, connector stands, Futsal Goal Post 3 x 2 m cm, netting up to 3 m high

It is available in another dimension:

  • Dimension 20 x 10 M (SKU: 115010)
  • Dimension 18 x 10 M (SKU: 115020)
  • Dimension 15 x 10 M (SKU: 115030)
  • Dimension on Request (SKU: 115005)

Call for another dimension


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The boards for our AFN MULTI COURT are made of aluminium side profiles (double-walled, wall thickness 2.3 mm) bordered in a U-profile with a radius of 2 mm and completely welded. The boards are 1 metre high. Rubber mats are placed under each fastening position to reduce the noise levels. For the freestanding version, counterweights (each weight approx. 20 kg) are placed on the base frames of the posts. Sockets or weights are included. The net is hung up via Nylon rings which are fitted onto the outsides of the boards through which a rope can be threaded. The entrance door (in the standard version: width 1 m, height 3 m) is a part of one board and is opened outwards. Fully welded doors, 3 x 2 m, made from high-grade aluminium.


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