Badminton Net

It is available another type :

  • Badminton net, made from PP ø 1.8 mm. Black colour. (Item Code: 60000)
  • Badminton net, made from nylon ø 1, 2 mm. Black colour. (Item Code: 60010)
  • Badminton tournament net in approx. 1.2 mm high tenacity polypropylene, mesh size approx. 18 mm, with polyester rods, 6.60 m long. Black colour. Approved by the BWF for international play. (Item Code: 60015)



The badminton nets measure a length of 6,02 m and a height of 0,76 m. The net tensioning wire meaasures a total length of 6.60 m. The mesh width of the net is approx. 18mm.


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