Basketball Hydroplay “Club” (OUTDOOR)

It is available with Extra For Shot Clock (Item Code : 100131)

Extra (Special cutomization for 3 on 3):

  • Space for shot clock integrated on main front pad, protect by special transparant plexy shaped cover. Shot clock with control panel included
  • Shot clock’s cable hidden inside structure;
  • Specially customized shell (anti-vandalism) made in 3 elements of cold galvanized metal sheet closing to the rear part of basketball unit once it is in play position. Easy to fix on basketball unit and to remove by means of just one key;
  • Special galvanized steel rear supporting platform for extra ballast (if not possible to fix unit on the ground). To be connected by screws to back side of base.



Hydroplay Club portable basketball backstop (SINGLE UNIT). Galvanized steel structure with projection cm 230. Oleo dynamic unit with manual pump allowing movement from rest to play position and vice versa. Telescopic bar applied over the cylinder useful for easy finding and blocking heights corresponding to basket or minimarket standards. Mechanical solution able to keep backboards always perfectly perpendicular at any height. Movement of backstop on the floor obtained by using 4 rubber wheels integrated on the base, automatically raising or lowering accordingly to movement to play or rest positions. Padded counterweight included on the back of the base. Front padding covered with synthetic washable material. Pads covering for 100 cm the main projection arm. Equipped with 12 mm safety tempered glass backboard with pad, reclining ring and net. Without Extra For Shot Clock


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