Basketball Mobile System



The basketball post mobile is made from aluminium. The structure is made from rectangular hollow profiles, which measure 80x60x3 mm. The basketball post measures a projection of 1.65 m. The post is equipped with a box to store 300 kg of counterweight. The structure is mounted on six piece of 200 mm nylon wheels. The wheels allow that the structure can be moved by a single person. Every purchased pair of basketball post mobile is equipped with one transport pulley. If the system must be moved through a low area the backboard can be flapped down

easily. The aluminium backboard is made from special aluminium profiles. The backboard is white powder coated. The basketball post mobile outdoor is also equipped with a non-foldable basketball ring and net. The ring measures an inside diameter of 45 cm. The ring is galvanized and orange powder coated. The net is made from nylon and measures a thickness of 6 mm. The item is available in a fully welded version and in a dismantle version for export.


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