Basketball Competition System (Manual)


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COMPETITION BASKETBALL” MANUAL monotubolar basketball system. Varnished steel tubing structure, hinges and joints fitted onto ballbearings (revolving or anti friction bearing). Board regulation both in height and perpendicularity. Positioning of movement “PLAY” and “REST” obtained by using the oleodynamic control panel manual pump. Flow regulator supplied to increase or decrease the rising speed or lowering speed of the board. Continuous valve fitted on the cylinder, which blocks the speed at the desired point and ensures the steadiness of the board even in the case of breakage of the fluid pipes. The board remains vertical even at a mini basket height (260 cm). The movement of the whole pylon pole is carried out by the 4 wheels, two of which are fixed and the other two are caster wheels, supplied with the fairing of the system, which rises or lowers automatically when the system does likewise. Total foam protection covered with synthetic washable material, thickness 15 cm. Ballast load included along with the command switch. Tempered glass boards, safety, 12 mm, with inferior edge protected with a special foam tubed material. Reclining baskets and netting of heavy cotton. The complete system consists in 2 pylon poles of approx 1050 kg each. The system is supplied as follows: 2 pylon poles; tempered glass boards, 12 mm; reclining baskets, homologated; ballasting included; projection 330 cm. Space required for positioning 425 cm. Equipped with back plates for floor anchoring. Dimensions when the pylon pole is closed: 410x185x170 cm.


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