‘Flap Down Net System’

Available in various types of dimensions, (Call for Price) :

  • Code: 110055 , Usage : Goal Post , Dimensions : 7.32 X 2.44
  • Code: 110056 , Usage : Goal Post , Dimensions : 5.00 X 2.00
  • Code: 110057 , Usage : Goal Post , Dimensions : 3.00 X 2.00



The ‘flap down’ net suspension system is a fully integrated and closed system. This means, all suspension parts are placed inside the goal post profile. The slot for the net suspension is covered to allow a smooth and safe appearance of the goal post. Therefore, there are no sharp edges or corners at the goal post, which can cause harm to players. The suspension is realized by an aluminium profile, which holds the nets in place. The profile is designed to leave space for the net to be fixed perfectly. The whole system is covered with a flap. The flap is mounted, so it can open and close like a door. The flap can be locked to secure the net in the position. The design is registered of patent in Malaysia and Germany.

  • Code: 110055
  • Usage : Goal Post
  • Dimensions : 7.32 X 2.44



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