Spray Line Marker FM 500

Marker trolley FM 500 (wet), With pressure pump, Adjustable from 5 to 12 cm


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Spray line marking cart with automatically pressure generating. The needed spray pressure will be generated by pushing the cart with a newly developed impeller-pump (rear wheel-drive). The pump is made from aluminium and it`s Hc-coated. The shaft is equipped with closed ball bearings and shaft seal ring. So the pump stands a loading capacity. For this reason can be used all variants of marking-paints known on the market.

The spraying unit is positioned in front of your view, flexibly for adjust in height and lateral and to operate easy by a hand lever at the guiding shaft. The line width is adjustable from 50 up to 150 mm. The cart has 2 plastic paint containers with 13 and 19 Litres, which you can both fill in with marking-paint or you fill only 1 container with paint and the second container with water for the later cleaning of the integrated spraying system and the pump. Each paint-container has its own stop-cock and can easily pick up for empty the container or for cleaning. The cart has a strong steel construction with weather-proof powder-coated finishing. All parts are zinc plated.

The big ballon-wheels 260 x 85 mm with roller bearing ensures an easy working and an exact lining. The

guiding shaft is for variable height adjustable.

Further technical data:

Dimensions: ca. 760 x 550 x 790 mm

Wwn weight: ca. 22 kg packed in carton


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