Rugby Goal Post

It is availabe another type:

  • Height 12m, Colur White Powder Coated (Item Code: 112011)
  • Height 12m, Colur Aluminium Surface (Item Code: 112010)
  • Height 11m, Colur White Powder Coated (Item Code: 112031)
  • Height 11m, Colur Aluminium Surface (Item Code: 112030)
  • Height 10m, Colur White Powder Coated (Item Code: 112041)
  • Height 10m, Colur Aluminium Surface (Item Code: 112040)
  • Height 9m, Colur White Powder Coated (Item Code: 112001)
  • Height 9m, Colur Aluminium Surface (Item Code: 112000)
  • Height 6.5m, Colur White Powder Coated (Item Code: 112051)
  • Height 6.5m, Colur Aluminium Surface (Item Code: 112050)

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The rugby goal post is made from special aluminium profiles. The cross section of the post measures 120×100 mm. The goal consists of two vertical posts and a cross bar. The cross bar can be fixed to the vertical posts with two screws. The final height of the cross bar also can be adjusted on site. The top edge of the cross bar needs to be 3 m above the ground level. The distance between the vertical posts is 5.6 m. The goal is available in aluminium finish or powder coated. The vertical posts are available in various lengths.


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