Tennis Nets

  • 80405: Tennis net PP 4 mm. 10 row double mesh: imported from Europe
  • 80390: tennis net PP 3.5 mm, black colour
  • 80370: tennis net PP 3 mm, green colour
  • 80420: Tennis net PP 4 mm. Black colour
  • 80425: Tennis net PP 4 mm. Green colour



The dimensions of our standard nets for doubles courts conform to ITF (International Tennis Federation) regulations:

  • 12.72 m x 1.07 m (imperial: 42 ft. x 3.5 ft.) for installation dimensions that comply with DIN EN 1510.
  • The headband is made of extremely durable woven polyester and UV-resistant.
  • The nets are fitted with a steel wire cable (13.20 m long) and can be used with all new net posts.


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